Wednesday, March 6, 2013

April 24th



Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I vowed never again to tango with a man not from the States, but here I go again. He was not all that fine but his swag turned me on immensely. This man had mastered the hustler’s walk. I don’t know if he had watched too many hip hop videos or if it was truly natural- either way it was bad. Bad as in good, I mean. He made me want to give him the goods just from walking. Now that’s power- and he knew it, too.
His name was A.J. and it was really strange how we met each other.
     My best guy friend, Cori, was the owner of the newest nightclub in L.A. He had been calling me for weeks telling me to come through. So when the J.O.B. scheduled me an interview with Rihanna, I opted to do it in-person rather than over the phone. Might as well work hard and play harder, right? As soon as I get off the plane, my boy had my itinerary laid out.
     Only Cori can scream at the top of his lungs in an airport and not feel the least bit embarrassed. That’s just his personality. He is always dressed to the T’s. Today he is rocking a purple Trukfit shirt with some pink straight leg jeans topped off with pink and purple Dunk Nikes. Loud and proud. That’s my boy, though.
“Sugarplum!” he repeated, “I missed you so much!” I drop my Louis Vuitton bag to give my Cori a big hug and kiss.
“I missed you too, sugar dumpling! You look fly and super sexy”, I said as I gave him a once over.
“You’re not too shabby yourself, boo.” I looked down at my cream and gold Michael Kors sundress and had to agree with him. I did look fly, because I knew that I could not be outdone by Mr. C, friend or not.
“Thanks. What are we doing today?”
This fool pulled out his iPhone. “Well,” he said as he scrolled, “your flight was a little late so I had to move our facials back an hour. After that, we will go to Melrose to check out this new clothing store. Then, around nine I am throwing a little cocktail party at my house to celebrate the opening. Then after that, party time!” Cori raised his hands and did an old school dance called “Raise the Roof”.
I laughed and pointed at his moves. “Who still does that dance?”
“Only people who can pull it off”, he said as he snapped his fingers and swung his head with a smile. True Cori style.
So off we went on our long day’s journey. We got our facials at the Ritz-Carlton spa. At the clothing store on Melrose, I ended up buying about $2000.00 worth of threads. Hey, why work so hard if you can’t enjoy it?
Anytime you are with Cori, expect not to get any relaxation. This boy knows everyone and always stops to talk about the minutest detail. One girl he asked about her dog. He asked another young lady where she recycled. Leave it to Cori to make any conversation lengthy. But I guess that’s why his club will be hot. Because when he says he knows everybody, he really means it.
We get back to Cori’s around 8 pm. I take a little nap before his cocktail party because this child has worn me out. I wake up around nine thirty to a rapping at my door.
“What”, I yell out in annoyance from under the pillow I just put over my head.
I heard the door crack. “I am sorry, queen. I am terribly sorry for the disturbance”, he said. He spoke with an accent. I couldn’t quite catch it at first. Jamaican, maybe?
I am so glad that this pillow is over my head because when I first wake up, I look like the creature from the Black Lagoon. Just plain ugly. So whoever that man is, he will have a healthy tongue lashing once I get up.
“What is it,” I yell, still annoyed slightly but that accent has me curious.
“My good friend Cori told me that you may still be sleeping so he told me to awaken you. The party started about 30 minutes ago.”
I curse quietly under my breath. I never wake up on time. What good is an alarm if you never hear it?
“Thank you, I will be down as soon as I get ready. Close the door.”
I hear him chuckle as he closes the door back shut. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so mean, but this fool just woke me up AND opened my door. What if I was naked?
It didn’t take me long to get ready. I put on a red Prada number and headed downstairs to meet all 1,000 of Cori’s closest friends.
Before I reached the bottom stair, all I heard was “SUGARPLUM!!” And with that, everyone who was just laughing, talking, dancing, singing all turned their heads toward me. I swear I felt like Cinderella when she first enters the ball. But not in a good way. I felt like I had a huge booger in my nose and everyone was staring at it. I picked up my composure and flashed a smile and yelled back, “SUGAR DUMPLING!” And the party continued.
I smiled and spoke to everyone as I made my way to the center of the room toward Cori. He introduced me to everybody there and would always whisper their occupation in my ear.
Cori points to one guest. “Drug Dealer. Has the best weed on this side of the Hollywood Hills.” He points to a tall, beautiful woman. “She will tell you that she is a professional model. But I heard she is a high class escort from a couple of people here.” That boy just tells all the business.
Just when I thought I met everyone and knew their occupation, a man with the sickest walk in the room comes up to us. He was walking towards us as if some theme music was on inside his head that only he could hear. And strangely, I found myself bobbing my head to his beat. Damn, he’s good.
Who is this man?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Am I dreaming still? Is this real? Is this bitch really touching me in inappropriate places?!? At once, I jump up from the table and slap Mayu as hard as I can across her face.                                                                                                                                                           
“What the fuck are you doing?!?!” I am enraged at this point, more embarrassed than anything because I actually enjoyed it. And the fact that I climaxed is too much for me to comprehend at this point.

Mayu is cowering in the corner holding her rouged cheek with her right hand. Her left hand is up in a surrender stance. And I can see my juices on her middle finger. This pisses me off even more.

“I’m sorry, Miss Stephens! It was part of the exclusive package. I didn’t mean any harm. I thought you knew…” Her voice trails off as if she just made a revelation but she doesn’t expound. “I am really sorry,” she says as she hurries out of the room.

So now I’m standing in this massage room, stuck on stupid, butt naked, with my love running down my inner thigh. I quickly put on my sundress, gather my belongings, and hightail it out of that place. I’m thinking of reporting that bitch to the manager but I’m so embarrassed that it’s not even an option. Should I tell Samson? I quickly dismiss the idea because I don’t want to admit to anybody that I enjoyed it.

As I unlock the hotel suite door, I can’t help but to recall what just happened. I mean, I was violated of course. But something about it felt so damn good. I’ve been with women before, but that was on my own will and with my permission. This…this was different. So invasive, but yet so satisfying.

I heard that Japanese massage parlors usually end with a “happy ending”, but I had no idea that women were on the receiving end of that pleasure. What the hell just happened? Did Samson or Sampson pay for that package? I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Bastard. But he won’t hear about the Mayu situation from me.

I hop back in the shower and wash myself thoroughly, although I cannot help thinking about the Japanese goddess just downstairs in the parlor. I wonder what her skin feels like, smells like, and tastes like. I imagine how she sounds when she moans in pleasure. If I pull her hair, will she like it? If I smack her ass, would she enjoy it and arch her back further? So many questions, so much I’d like to do. But I love Samson. Regardless of his flaws, this enigma of a man has my full attention at the moment and he would not be pleased to hear about my big fantasies with my little geisha.

After my shower, I lay on the bed and attempt to finish up a little work on my iPad. Being an entertainment writer for Bliss magazine definitely has its perks. I have an interview with the sexy rapper Doja scheduled in a few weeks. I spend the next few hours preparing questions and watching old interviews of him to stay current and on top of my game.

The phone on the nightstand rings.

“Sash? My meeting is wrapping up. Meet me at valet in thirty minutes for dinner. Wear something sexy and wear that underwear I like.” Click.

Well, damn. I can’t help but smile to myself at the frankness of that man. I prepare to get ready for the fun filled night. I open my suitcase and pull out my sexy black BCBG dress that I packed at the last minute. I slip it on, but not before putting on my pink crotchless underwear that Sampson loves so much. I spruce up my natural curls and add a light touch of makeup and look at the clock to see that 25 minutes has already passed. I throw on my YSL heels and grab my purse on the way out the door to see my man.

The limo is waiting in the front of the hotel. The valet opens the door and I slip in with a huge smile on my face in anticipation of the night to come. I look up and immediately sheer shock and horror runs through my body.

“Sasha”, Sampson says, “Mayu will be joining us for dinner. I hope you don’t mind.” ……


Sunday, February 3, 2013


I'll make you submit
Like a predator with prey
But my bite won't hurt

Im getting anxious
Thinking about your warm touch
Please hurry home babe

Never say never
Did u think you'd be here now?
And now you're naked

Come inside my love
I can't wait to feel your thrust
As I meet each one

Steamy sweaty sex
I feel moisture 'tween my thighs
You just made me rain


Upon leaving the plane, we spot a limo that bears Sampson’s company logo and head towards our room at the Palace Hotel in Tokyo. Though I was a little tired from the flight, this city leaves you no choice but to take in every detail. It’s almost lunchtime in Tokyo so there is a lot of traffic and lots of people moving with a sense of urgency. I can see why they say that Japan is trumping us with technology because I am seeing graphics that seem like it would be in a futuristic film. I see people on the street with phones, computers, and tablets that are light years ahead of what we have in the States.
“Baby”, I say to Sampson while I lay on his shoulder staring out into this brave new world. “I’m so happy you brought me on this trip!”
“I’ll do anything for you, baby girl”, Sampson replies while planting a soft kiss on my forehead. “Because I know you’ll do anything for me, right?”
Without hesitation I reply, “Yes, anything”. There are two sides to this man. There is the loving, sweet, charming, charismatic creature that I like to call Sampson. Then there is the guarded, controlling, abrasive, no nonsense side to his personality who I refer to as Samson. I use both names interchangeably because he can change into either person or both in the blink of an eye. I don’t understand how this man is so complex. But he’s so damn fine. Did I mention rich? I knew that like most things that are too good to be true, they usually are, but right now in this moment, in his arms, everything else is irrelevant.
We enter the lobby of the hotel and it’s like I walked into an architect’s wet dream. This hotel is definitely Western-inspired but the touches of the native country do not go unnoticed. As soon as I enter the lobby my eyes are immediately drawn upward. Hanging from the high ceilings are sconces with actual candles in them. On the tables, there are huge vases with water lilies that are taller than me. The sitting area to the right has floor to ceiling windows that display the lovely Japanese garden and small pond. In the middle of that pond is a small island with a bonsai tree with the pinkest brightest foliage that I’ve ever seen. Yes, judging from my scenery, it looks like Japan is going to be a great trip.
After checking in, the bellman greets us with a smile and directs us towards our suite. It’s even more beautiful than the lobby. The terrace provides a 180 degree view of the famous Japanese Imperial Gardens and the Tokyo skyline. I step on the balcony to take it all in while Sampson is paying the bellman. Inhale, exhale. Damn, I thought New York City air was bad. I hear the bellman laugh and Sampson’s obnoxious bellow behind me. I turn around to see what the joke was and it looks like the joke is apparently me. Their four eyes are fixated on me while they share a continue speaking effortlessly in Japanese. It suddenly makes me wonder exactly how many times Samson has been at this hotel. And with how many women.. I brush off my insecurities and turn back around to continue enjoying the sights.
As I hear the hotel suite door close behind me, I head back into the room into the arms of the man I adore.
“So what’s first on the agenda, baby?” I say as I grab the collar of his shirt to bend him down so that I can kiss his lips.
“Business,” he says in between kisses, “then pleasure.” He lets my wrist off his collar then heads to the desk of the suite and proceeds to grab his briefcase.
I pout and stick my bottom lip out to show my discontent and let out a small cry to get his attention as he heads towards the door.
“Oh baby girl, don’t worry. You’ll have all my attention and plenty of time to moan and groan when I get back. I set up a spa appointment for you downstairs in an hour. Take a shower, get some rest, and I’ll be back this evening.” Sampson blows me a kiss with a wink then puts on his suit jacket and closes the suite door behind him.
 I enter the lavish bathroom and cannot believe my eyes. The floors and the countertops are made of black marble and the shower was as big as my walk-in closet back in NYC. I turn on the showerhead then I slowly slip out of my clothes. I cannot help but to notice how my bikram yoga classes are really paying off. I can see the definition in my physique and Sampson has definitely noticed it too. After a relaxing shower, I lay on the lush bed to take a quick nap. I awaken to a gentle knock on the door. It’s the concierge reminding me of my appointment at the spa.
“I’ll be down in five minutes,” I yell towards the door as I quickly throw on a floor length maxi dress and sandals. I skip putting on my panties since I’m about to be naked anyway. Closing the suite door behind me, I head down to the spa.
At the spa, I noticed how the women were dressed in traditional Japanese kimonos and looked so beautiful. After checking in, I was handed a glass of champagne and escorted to my room and told to undress and lay underneath the towel.
“Hello? Are you ready?” I hear an American accent say through the curtain.
“Yes, please come in.” I turn my head to meet her acquaintance and I am immediately spellbound.
Enters the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is simply a stunning Japanese beauty. About 5’10”, her svelte body could easily be mistaken for a model’s. Her long jet black hair sweeps the middle of her back in beautiful soft waves. Her delicate mouth is shaped like a heart accentuated with her ruby red lipstick. Her eyes feel like they are looking into my soul.
“Miss Stephens?”
I struggle to catch my breath and my words. “You’re American?”
She giggles. “Forgive me for not introducing myself. I am Mayu. Mister Sampson set up this massage for you today, yes? And to answer your question, yes ma’am, I was raised in America but I’ve been back here since 18. Are you ready for your massage?” She gives me a warm smile and I immediately like her.
“Yes I am.” It takes everything I have to take my eyes off of her but I am anxious to get this stress rubbed out of my body. I turn back over and place my head on the cushion. And then it happens. Her tiny yet firm hands gently caress my shoulders and it feels like heaven. I let out a small moan and immediately try to repress it. She pauses for a second then continues with her methodical movements. Damn it, Sasha, get it together.
 I begin to strike a conversation with the beauty as to not make this experience so awkward.  I learn that Mayu is from San Diego and came back to Japan to begin schooling at the University of Tokyo and to connect with her family. Though she misses America, she states that Tokyo is where she belongs. She has one more year of school and working at the massage parlor helps her pay for her tuition. Throughout the course of the massage her movements are so sensual that I can feel myself getting aroused.
 Mayu clears her throat and hesitates to speak. “Miss Stephens, forgive me for being so forward, but your body is exquisite.”
I immediately blush. “Why thank you, Mayu. I, uh, I don’t know what to say to that.”
“I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I feel you tensing up, please relax. It’s just that I’m so used to seeing Japanese or white people in my massage chair. Your soft chocolate skin is like a breath of fresh air.” Mayu continues to use her magic hands on my body without missing a beat.
“Well, I can understand that. Thank you, Mayu. And call me Sasha. By the way, this massage feels so great. Do you mind if I nod off a little while? I know we have about 45 minutes left in the massage.”
“No ma’am. That’s fine. But before you do, spread your legs a little so that I can get each leg without disturbing your rest.” I comply and doze off and instantly begin to dream of Sampson and the things I’m going to do to him this evening.
He’ll enter the room while I’m pretending to still be napping. I’ll be naked on the bed with a single sheet laying across my back while I purposely let my love below show. I hear him moan as he drops his briefcase and walks swiftly to the bed. He’ll call my name and I pretend that I don’t hear him. He knows exactly what I’m doing. I feel his warm lips and tongue start at my calf muscle and advance to the back of my knee cap. He knows that’s my spot. I try not to stir too much because that would ruin the whole purpose of this little charade. He slowly parts my legs and sees my wet shaved pussy inviting him to enter.
He slowly and seductively parts the lips of my love and rubs his thumb on my throbbing clit. Oh my God… Sampson then takes his index finger enters the first knuckle into me making a “come here” type of motion. All my juices immediately douse his finger, dripping onto his hand. I moan as he pushes his finger further into my awaiting abyss.
“Miss Stephens,” he whispers into my ear as he licks my lobes, “will you come for me? Please baby, come for me.”
“Yes”, I moan. “I’ll come for you.” And with my declaration, my sea opens up and I release my orgasmic waves on Sampson’s warm and wanting appendage. 
Except this wasn’t a dream. I awaken to the feeling of a small slender hand gently caressing my honey pot. And it feels so good that I can’t dare tell Mayu to stop…

Sunday, January 27, 2013


What a day. Well, what a night. I went to the mountaintops. I swam along the shore. I danced with the original Aborigines. I sang with the South Africans. I climbed Mount Everest. I stood at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I looked out of the Sears tower. I performed on stage with Stevie Wonder. I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. I MADE (yes with my own two hands, feet, eyes, ears, heart) LOVE. I did everything last night without doing much at all. And this was all because he was my mountain. He was my shore. He danced my dance. He sang my song. He was the Eiffel Tower, Sears Tower, and the Golden Gate Bridge. He was LOVE.
OK, enough of the imagery. His name was Samson. And he lived up to the name in every way imaginable.
     Strong, valiant, wise, determined, intelligent, whore. He could never be just mine, he told me so. But that didn’t mean that I didn’t try.
     I met him at an art exhibit that my college friend, Yvonne St. Laurent was showcasing. Yvonne was what you call a free spirit. She had no qualms about who she was or her overt sexuality, even as an undergrad. I remember her wearing a t-shirt to our Human Sexuality class that said, “So What, Just Fuck”. Ten years later, she was exactly the same.
     After majoring in Art and Design in college, she got a job as a buyer for the Royal Academy of Arts, one of the biggest art galleries in London. We were extremely close in undergrad, but when she left the States we grew apart. Yet, we always remained good friends. She recently moved back to New York to open up her own studio. And the night of the grand opening of “YSL” was the night I met Samson.
     I remember that day like yesterday. At work, it seemed as if the day was going so slow. I know that’s usually how it is on a Friday, but goodness. Time lived up to its definition today. At five thirty, I added the finishing touches to my article on “50 Hot Fall Items for under $50.00” and walked out into the unusually warm New York City air for October.  
     Weather like this brings back nostalgia for me. It brings me back to my childhood in my small town outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Every autumn when the green plentiful leaves would turn bright red, orange, yellow, and brown, the town would have a Fall Festival downtown. The whole city would shut down that Saturday and every local business would set up a booth in pumpkin carving, face painting, bobbing for apples, three legged races, egg tosses, you name it. I recall as a little girl having so much fun and coming home so exhausted, full, and fulfilled. Those were the days.
     Yvonne’s showing was at 6:30, so I decided to go straight there from work. Dateless, I took a Lincoln Town car to catch her art exhibit being presented on the lower East Side. In the ride I remember looking at what I had on. I was rocking a pair of gold Jimmy Choo sandals, a pair of stonewashed Seven for all Mankind skinny jeans, and an Arden B cream blouse under a fitted tan DKNY blazer. My best friend, Cyndi, bought me my gold monogram Miroir Louis Vuitton bag for Christmas and it was my first time wearing it. I looked pretty darn good, but I used a couple minutes of my car ride to touch up my makeup.
     Once I pulled up to her spot, I was amazed. From the cars lined up outside, I could tell the place was packed. Upon walking in I realized that Yvonne sure did know some fine men. Tall, short, light, dark, Black, White, Latino, and Asian, whatever, they all belonged in a magazine that I could masturbate to. But one stood out from the crowd. Damn. I mean double damn. He was immortal and his charisma had me drawn in like a moth to a flame. No Janet Jackson. I made a mental note that he was my prey once I finished making my rounds.
Yvonne’s pieces were entitled, “A Woman Scorned.” Each piece was named after an astrological zodiac sign and a past lover that she had. Each piece was different-some oil paintings, others statues-but all had one thing in common. Yvonne was smiling as she was standing over her dead lovers’ bodies. 
For instance, a colorful oil painting named “Gemini: Donnie and Dannielle- the Threesomes Revenge”. It contained bright oranges, yellows, reds, and sadly black. The story goes that Yvonne was dating a boy and girl twin without the other one knowing. When the twins found out, they confronted Yvonne and eventually both left her alone. She was hurt by the abrupt end of not just one but two relationships. So instead of taking it out on each of them, she made this painting for her revenge. The painting shows an image of her standing naked over a very naked, very bloody, very dead man and woman. In Yvonne’s hand was a fork. She poked her victims to death, causing bloody geysers all over their bodies. I don’t know how she made the images so lifelike. If I didn’t know better, I would actually think that Yvonne was a mass murderer.
To the right of the painting was a statue entitled, “Cancer: Craig’s Secret”. It was a stone representation of one of the sexiest male bodies I have ever seen. His back was turned towards me, so I slowly walked around it admiring the artwork. The details of his muscles were so lifelike. I mean, his butt looked so good that I had to reach out and touch it. Coming around to the front, I noticed that the man’s expression was one of sheer terror. He was looking toward his crotch and I couldn’t make out what the problem was. Then, I squinted and moved closer. On his pubic hairs were tiny creatures that seemed to eating him alive. Crabs. They were literally causing the man to bleed down the front of his firm thighs into a pool of blood at his feet. Damn.  
I was so caught up in all the pieces that I almost forgot about Mr. Heavenly from across the room. But, I saw him again. He. Was. Mesmerizing. Have you ever seen an image so exquisite that even when you try to look away, you cannot? I continued to watch him from a distance, as he carefully analyzed each of Yvonne’s pieces with great detail. I walked up next to him while he was checking out a painting as if it was only the painting that had my attention.
      “Deep, huh?” I spoke meekly to the chocolate lion.
     “Excuse me?” he said. He turned towards me and I suddenly was mesmerized. Six feet, 190 pounds, cocoa complexion, and the deepest eyes of any old soul. Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and it always looks as if they are crying for the world’s miseries? Well, that’s what Samson’s eyes looked like to me. He had a low Cesar hair cut, and had bone structure similar to...well, I hate to admit this. Although I can’t stand Nick Cannon and his corny self, the man had the facial bone structure of a Greek God. Yummy. He had a relaxed, yet professional appeal. From his threads, I could tell the man had class. He was rocking Gucci from his head to his feet. He had on a striped blue and white Gucci blazer, with a crisp white shirt underneath. They were set off perfectly with his relaxed fit jeans and his navy Gucci moccasins. He was not too flashy in his jewelry, just a single solitaire diamond stud in his ear. His skin is so clear and perfect. Looks like he moisturizes, too. I bet he bathes in fresh milk squeezed right from the udder. He has to in order to have skin that smooth.
     In the midst of my daydream, I hear a throat clearing.
     “Miss, did you say something?”
So much for me being smooth. Recover, Sasha, recover. I flashed a smile and tried to get back on track. “I said her works have a lot of depth.”
     “Yes, why yes, they do”, he said. “One wonders what made her want to kill each of her lovers. I mean, at least one of them could’ve been alright.” And then, he bellowed. It was the loudest, most obnoxious laugh but it was contagious. With a laugh so free and flowing, you had to join in as soon as you heard it. People in the gallery began to look at us like we were crazy but we didn’t care. I simply was just enjoying a great moment with a perfect stranger. When we simmered down, he extended his hand.
     “Samson. George Sampson.”
     I knew his name would be some type of biblical reference just from his looks alone. I was thinking that he would be a Noah or Moses. But Sampson took the cake. I laughed out loud before I could catch myself.
     “Something funny, miss?”
     “No, sweetie”, I coyly said as I gently caressed his hand. “I was just wondering, is your weakness women as well?”
     “More than you’d like to know”, he said with a wink.
     Most women would take this as a red flag that this man has no intentions of a serious relationship, but for some reason he intrigued me. I thought, as most women do, that I could be his Delilah of sorts. But I wouldn’t use his weakness against him, I would make him stronger and together we could conquer the world. Isn’t it a shame that a fine man will have you thinking about a future? And I had only known him for five minutes. Damn. Yet, in the back of my mind I knew that I would soon be in this man’s bed.
     We exchanged numbers and went out for dinner about a week later. I quickly learned not only was Sampson fine, but he knew how to cater towards a woman’s every need and want. It’s so easy to fall in love with him. He had the widest smile. When he kissed me, every single time I closed my eyes and floated into the clouds. There was so much passion in his kiss. He held my face with both hands. He moaned every time he touched my lips. SAMSON.
He would call you on Friday afternoon to tell you to cancel your weekend plans because he wanted to go to Paris just to shop. And I am not talking Paris, Tennessee either. I’m talking France, baby! Sampson also had the best lovemaking techniques I had ever been introduced to. He would call me in the middle of the day just to say that he has been thinking about kissing every inch of my body. And when he finally saw me, believe me, he had an All-you-can-eat Buffet ticket.
He would look deep into my eyes with each thrust and ask in a growl/whisper “Baby, are you going to come with me?” And my body would always rightly respond, “Hell, yes” as I climbed his mountains and swam his shores. He could make me climax just from him licking my cleavage line. If sex were a weapon, this man would be licensed to kill. For real.
Through our encounters, I learned that Samson was an international investment banker with his own private firm. He had no children and had no intentions of ever having any. He was 42 and didn’t plan on getting married until he was 50. So, in other words, Samson did his thing with no commitments and no ties. And the moment you got too attached, he simply moved on. It was simple for him, but for me it would became a real problem.
So as all fairy tales end, reality sets in and you have the chance to view things in plain black and white, not rose. I slowly learned that these methods I once considered sweet and endearing were merely control tactics. Though you were never the only woman, he would make sure that he was the only man. That’s why he would call abruptly and make you change your schedule so any other man in your life would get tired of being put on the back burner. He looked into your eyes to make sure that he was the dominant one, and me (like every other woman) was his prey.
     There were perks to dating Samson. First class trips, lavish gifts, everything this man did oozed expensive. But if my net worth was $500 million, I guess I would, too.  But there was a dark side to being one of Sampson’s many women. Sometimes, he would disappear for weeks. No matter how many times you called, texted, or emailed him, he would never respond until he felt it truly necessary. And when he did talk to you, don’t you DARE ask him about his whereabouts or he would disappear again. I learned that lesson the hard way.
He had at least five of us at a time, sometimes more if he was feeling lonely. It seemed as if we all were on a schedule with us rotating weekends. Even though he never talked about the other women, I couldn’t help but feel inadequate, often thinking that I alone wasn’t good enough for him.
I know he had a thing for Asian chicks. One summer, it was 10 am in the morning and I was doing my normal Saturday routine, which includes some house work and just being plain lazy. In the middle of eating my Banana Nut Cheerios, Sampson calls me.
“Baby, don’t you want to come with me?”
I love it when he plays this game. He only says this phrase on two different occasions. When he wants me to take a trip and when are playing horizontal tag. Immediately, I smile.
“Yes, any way you want me too, Daddy”, I respond.
“Get packed, babe. I’m scooping you at noon. It’s a surprise.” Click.
That’s all I needed to hear. I swiftly packed 15 pieces that could me mixed and mingled into 7 outfits. I also made sure I packed a new sheer see-through baby doll dress I just bought from La Perla.
By eleven forty five, I was ready. I attempted to clean up my crib in the meantime, but I really couldn’t concentrate because my mind was already focused on the weekend. Sampson and I had already been to London, Paris, Las Vegas, Puerto Vallarta, and Madrid. I wonder where it would be this time.  As soon as I begin to fantasize, my phone rings.
Only one word is uttered when I answer my phone.
“Downstairs.” Click. He was always so frank.
I bolt out the door of my two bedroom apartment. He is waiting for me, looking so sexy in his Black on Black Range Rover Sport. It’s been almost two weeks since I have seen this man and I can’t hide my enthusiasm.
“Daddy!” I scream once I close my car door. I reach out my arms to give him a hug. “I missed you.”
We embrace and he grabs me by my chin to plant a huge kiss on my lips.
“Glad you were on time, for once.” He chuckles. He knows I have a habit of running late, but I also know that he would always wait.
“I rush packed, because I did not want to miss the opportunity of being with you.” I flash all 32 of my teeth, and give the cutest innocent look.
This made him crack a smile as he released the brake and heads for the airport. “Yeah, yeah. Check under your seat.”
It’s a clue to where we are going to go, I know it! The last time we played this game there was a gift box with a beret in it. That’s how I knew we were going to Paris. I rush to pull out the parcel from under my seat. It is a small box wrapped with brown paper. There is no writing on the box. I put my ear to it, and I don’t hear ticking so I know it’s not a watch or a bomb. I rattle the package and it seems to rumble a lot, so I know it’s not a ring. Dang it.  
Samson glances over, amused by my guessing game.
“Would you just open it already?”
“No, I want to savor this moment as long as I can.”
“Ok,” he laughs.
I make a small tear in the package’s wrapping and notice that the box is made of black velvet. Once I get the box out, slowly of course, I open the lid. Inside is a tiny porcelain doll. I gasp at his beauty, and the smile on Samson’s face shows that he is just as pleased. The doll is a young geisha girl in an elegant kimono.
Japan! Japan! We’re going to Japan”, I began to chant in a singsong voice as I do the old school dance “The Cabbage Patch”.
“Yes, baby. We are going to Tokyo. I have to get a few contracts signed first thing in the morning. And I didn’t want to go alone. Plus, I know you like to have… fun.”
“You know I do baby, fun for you.”
“Is it all for me, Sasha?”
“Yes, Daddy, all for you.” 
We arrive at the airport and take the back entrance to where his private jet was waiting. Walter, his personal pilot was waiting at the entrance of the plane letting down the stairs.
“Miss, how do you do?” says Walter as he politely bows his head. I notice he calls me Miss even though I’ve seen him quite a few times. I guess he can’t keep up with Sampson’s women and Miss is the safe route.
“I’m beautiful, Walter. And call me Sasha.”
“Ok, Sasha. And I didn’t ask you how you looked I asked you how you were doing”, he says with a wink.
Sampson interjects,”Hey Walt, she’s mine. Get your own!”  We all enjoy a laugh and board the plane to get going on a long flight. It normally takes about 14 hours on a commercial flight to get to Tokyo, but with Sampson’s superman jet it only takes us eight. On the way there, I catch up on lots of work so that I can conveniently call out on Monday. We enjoy the many snacks on the fully stocked jet and also renew our membership to the mile high club. Twice. After a bumpy landing, we land in Tokyo.